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Pallet Rack Repair Services for Portland, ME

Find a complete line of products to repair upright damage when you turn to Damotech. They provide pallet rack repair solutions with a lifetime warranty, including a revolutionary forklift-proof protector to help you avoid column damage. Make your warehouse as safe as it can be with help from Damotech.

At Coastal Equipment Corporation, we have certified installers who can permanently repair your damaged rack. We work to reduce the risk to your business and your employees by avoiding rack collapses entirely. We have the same priority: the safety of your warehouse.

We work hard to respect the integrity and original design of your racking system by finding a Damotech product to fit your specific type of pallet rack. Every single product is custom made to address your specific needs and damages.

We also prize efficiency. Depending on the height of the damage, we can install the new system in less than an hour. We may not even have to unload much or any of the products on the rack.

We serve the greater Portland, ME area. Call us today if you have any questions about our pallet rack repair services. Let us help you have a safe warehouse.

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For more info on the Damotech Rack Repair System, visit www.damotech.com.
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